Ayrlcyclohexylamine medications are named for their formation which includes a cyclohexane ring bound to a sweet smelling ring next to an amine bunch. Descholoroketamine one of the research chemicals have a phenyl ring clung to a cyclohexane ring substituted with an oxo bunch.

Product Overview:
A dissociative painkiller that antagonizes NMDA receptors and has been harmed recreationally is an analytical reference material that is structurally divided as an amphetamine. It is categorize as a dissociative anesthetic that hassle NMDA receptors and has been ill-treated recreationally. The physiological properties of this compound are not recognized. This product is planned for forensic and investigate purposes. These materials are tested using authenticate analytical methods on qualified instrumentation to make sure traceability of measurements. All traceable RMs may be famed by their CofAs and can be downloaded below using the batch number located on the product label. This compound is funky. Absolutely has a dark side. Make certain you begin dosing cautiously with this one without a tolerance. You can purchase this research chemical compound for your personal comfort. Online purchase service has a few advantages. Read on to learn about them.

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